Why blog?

I guess I’ve started a blog as, in some ways, I’m having an identity crisis. As a person in their early forties this shouldn’t be too unusual. However, it’s not because I’ve just bought a sports car (I am in EFL after all.); it’s because I’ve recently changed my answer to the question ‘What do you do?’ Since 2001 the answer for me has been ‘I’m a teacher.’

I  love teaching. I like talking about it and sharing ideas. That said, I’m now facing the fact that it’s been a few months since I actually taught language learners, and on that last occasion it was a special marketing exercise with video cameras. Currently, I work on editing, writing, designing lessons for adult learners. It’s a full-time job. Now if you ask me what I do, I try to fit in a few things as well as what I’m actually paid for.

I’d hate to think I’d never enter a class again as a teacher, but with all the pressures a full-time job bring, as well as having a young family, it’s not something that fits easily into a normal week. Teaching would involve working late one evening and missing my daughter’s bedtime. I love teaching but …

The other main reason for blogging is related to the point about liking talking about teaching. Through the blog I hope to reach a wider group of people. (That is what blogs are for after all!) I’m surrounded by teachers and the talk is often of work. I hear comments about students being late, unmotivated, on their phones, unaccustomed to standard teaching practices, etc. I’ve been there, but now I’m thinking whether this rubric is clear enough, whether the gap for students’ answers is long enough, or how to punctuate after bullet points. There’s nothing like a question on punctuation to make a teacher get back to lesson planning!

My posts will be about materials, but also ELT in general. I’ll give my thoughts about motivation, mobiles, et al here as well.


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